Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Splash Page

I've been at my day job for 6mths now and it's been pretty awesome. I love that I spend the majority of my time creating and the rest of my time learning. I recently listened to an Oatley Academy interview with Samantha Kallis and I loved how she described art jobs as mostly problem solving and that it is still 'a job'. Some people outside of the creative field don't realize that professional artists are not just playing around drawing (Sorry friends, it's work!) That being said, I do get to work on projects that can be more on the fun side. One of those project was for the front page of the company's website. You can see the finished version that was completed by our art director at
But here, I'll post my contribution. The problem solving for this piece came from trying to convey what the company is all about. Polished Play gives people a chance to interact with the stories as well as giving them the opportunity to create their own. I like that the theme of paper is brought into a digital realm with the characters and backgrounds they've created. To convey all of this, I decided to and create a digital pop up book scene, incorporating the lamp logo, that I also got to update from it's previous design.

Before taking this into Photoshop to create a dimensional feel, I build all the pieces separating in Illustator. 

You can see from my initial concept sketch that changes were made to create balance and give a more magical feel.

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