Saturday, October 4, 2014


Happy Anniversary month!
I started this blog 3 years ago on 10/25/11... how time flies!
All month I will be participating in Jake Parkers Inktober.
I didn't do it justice last year, but this year I am committed to doing ink sketches for the whole 30 days!
Yes, I said 30... I know there are 31 days in October... but for the final day, I will be posting all the sketches I did over the month in one finished image.
My inspiration for Inktober this year came from one of my all time favorite books as a kid, "Full Moon Soup" by Alastair Graham. I would pour over those pictures on rainy days in the school library for hours.
I know I could never come close to this man's genius in both ideas and execution, but I thought it would be fun to do my own Halloween 'cutaway' image inspired by him.

I have been posting these images daily to my Instagram if you want to see the progress.
Stay tuned for a very special Artist Spotlight this month!