Sunday, December 23, 2012

Experimenting with Paper!

I was first introduced to 'paper cutting' in my early teens.
An 'Aunt' of mine (not really related, just close friend of the family we called Aunt) made really great cards using a paper technique called quilling.  I remember her teaching me how to make little roses an other flowers and I got pretty into for a while.
Later on I even used to create cards for the doctors office I worked at for our employees birthdays using paper cutting, they were pretty simple.

I saw Brittney Lee's paper pieces a few years ago and at first I wasn't crazy about them (her early ones), but eventually they grew on me as she did more of them and now I really love the intricate pieces she does.
I have since seen other people doing some really fun pieces using this same technique like Petra Varga, who has been nice enough to share her approach with me.

I decided to attempt a piece using this paper cutting method and I have to say I learned a lot.
This is a time consuming, but addictive process.
I did my own take on it by painting an acrylic background and then placing paper cut figures on top to see the effect it would give.
This was an experiment for later pieces I have in mind.
Here was my process:

I first did a sketch

I cleaned up the sketch on my computer and printed it off, transferring my drawing to the colored pieces of paper. I cut those piece out using these tools (the tweezers were to handle the really small bits)

If I didn't have quite the right color, I painted it on.
Cutting the pieces out is probably what took me the longest amount of time.
I then started assembling my pieces together glued them onto the background image I had painted earlier.

This is my final product

The scene is from one of my all time favorite movies, "Singing in the Rain" where Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse do an incredible dance sequence.

Overall, it was a fun and challenging project to try out and I plan to do plenty more!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays!

 Happy Holidays friends and family!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hot Chocolate

One of my favorite memories growing up during the dreary rainy days, was when I would make myself a mug of warm Milo or Holicks sit in my room and read Enid Blyton books. The sound of the rain hitting my window and the heater turned up made those winter days so cozy...