Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Birds

In 2 weeks, this semester will be over and and I will only have 6mths left before I graduate.
This has felt so far away for so long, it's crazy to think that now it's just around the corner!
I have been going back and forth on ideas with what to focus on for my BFA show. Should I have a theme? Should I stick to one style or show a variety? Then I realized that this will not be the one and only show I will ever do, so rather than stressing about fitting in ALL the ideas that are buzzing through my head in one show and getting them all done in such a short time period, I should pace myself and try to enjoy the moment and just do what I can. I know I'll have plenty more growing to do and so if it turns out to be the worst show I do, then I can only do better next time, right?

This is another assignment I did for class and since I feel a lot like the girl in the picture at times, I thought it would be an appropriate one to share with this post!

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The Woolley's said...

You definitely have to let us know when your show is!! I would love to come!